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Ignition Modules & Accessories

  • Ordan "Burner Buddy®" Burner Flame Ignition Management

Ignition Modules & Accessories

Ordan Thermal Products offers a complete range of CSA approved flame safety ignition control modules. Our ignition modules are available in both Direct Spark and Intermittent Ignition versions, design certified to ANSI 221.20 standards for Automatic Gas Ignition Controls and related components. All models are available in either integrated or remote sensing versions.

The Ordan Thermal Ignition modules are designed to provide ignition and flame monitoring while continuously supervising the flow of gas and the proven flame. Our large stocking volumes allow Ordan Thermal to provide quick delivery of standard inventory models. The ignition modules are highly reliable, affordable, and come complete with a wiring harness for quick installation and stress-free troubleshooting. You can specify the number of trials for ignition, required purge time, trial for ignition time, as well as inter-purge timings to suit nearly any application.

Available in 24VAC or 120VAC.