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Whether you are looking for a replacement part or a custom solution to your combustion application, Ordan Thermal's strategy is to offer choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive, safe, and reliable portfolio of brand name and after-market products and services to fit your process heating needs. Our products can be used to empower your business to ensure you have the right products in place that allow your equipment to run more safely and efficiently.

Our Products

Combustion Solutions for Industry

We understand industrial food processing and the important roll controlled heat plays in the manufacturing process.

Our custom solutions along with practical engineering provide efficient combustion solutions to deliver the right heat every time.

Burners by Ordan Thermal
Consistent heat
Controls & Automation
Flame Safety, Burner Control

Ignitors & Sensors by Ordan Thermal
Ignitors & Sensors
OEM and Aftermarket Parts
Accessories & Combustion components by Ordan Thermal
Combustion components

Food Grade Lubricants by Ordan Thermal
Food Grade Lubricants
Chain Guard Lubricants
See what's in the pipeline at Ordan Thermal
See what's in the pipeline