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Wholesale and Industrial Bakeries Operate 24/7

At Ordan Thermal, pride is taken in looking out for our customers. No matter the time of day or year, your equipment needs reliable up-time. We understand the rigorous demand of industrial baking operations and our team can assist to ensure you have the systems in place to minimize costly downtime and productivity disruptions.

If you’re on this page, chances are you need immediate assistance so we’ll get right to the point!

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If you smell gas or suspect gas is leaking in your facility :

  • Don’t use phones, cameras or any electronics near the leak
  • Leave any switches or controls in the state you found them in
  • If you can hear a hissing sound, leave the building immediately. Once outside call your gas provider’s emergency hotline.
  • If your gas leak has fueled a flame DO NOT attempt to put out the fire. Call 911 right away!
Custom Combustion Solutions 100%
24 Hours – 7 Days a week Technical Services 100%
Custom Burner Solutions 100%
Regulatory Approvals 100%

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