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Combustion Safety Program

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines require any company operating combustion heat processing equipment to undergo an annual burner safety examination. This examination should only be performed by a licensed Gas Technician.

Ordan Combustion Services offers a valuable technical consulting program to ensure the continuous safe operation of your combustion heat processing equipment.

We utilize the following "21 Point Safety Check" to assure your combustion equipment is reliable and operating in a safe manner. During the safety examination we document the burner settings, control settings, operating temperatures, safety "limit" results, and include our professional recommendations.

Your ORDAN "21-Point Safety Check" includes the following:

  •   1.Visual Inspection of all components to ensure that the Components are installed to manufacturers and local safety code specifications.
  •   2.Check for dirt accumulation on the burner, air and gas manifolds, etc.
  •   3.System Run Check - your combustion system is energized - normal start-up procedure is initiated and monitored.
  •   4.Simulate air failure to prove Combustion Air Switch.
  •   5.Simulate low gas pressure to prove Low Gas Pressure Switch.
  •   6.Simulate high gas pressure to prove High Gas Pressure Switch.
  •   7.Simulate excessive temperature to prove High Limit Temperature Switch.
  •   8.Simulate flame failure to prove Flame Safeguard.
  •   9.Simulate exhaust air failure to prove exhaust air pressure switch.
  • 10.Simulate any other switch or interlock installed, to prove its proper working order; including: Low Fire Start Switch, High Fire Purge Switch,                Low Water Switch, Door Switch, Speed Switch, Drives, etc.
  • 11.Leak test all safety shutoff valves.
  • 12.All manual gas cocks are tested for proper operation.
  • 13.Inspect electrical contacts for dirt and signs of wear.
  • 14.Check Pilot pressure for proper settings.
  • 15.Check Burner pressure for proper settings.
  • 16.Check ignition electrode for dirt and deterioration.
  • 17.Check flame detection equipment (Flame Rod, UV Scanner, IR Scanner).
  • 18.Test Temperature Control - Ensure it drives the burner from low fire to high fire.
  • 19.Test all mechanical fastening hardware for tightness.
  • 20.Check that purge time is as per original setting.
  • 21.Check maintenance or stock room for minimum required spare parts to ensure safe operation.

To learn more on how this program can help protect your business, and ensure your business's liability insurance remains intact, call Ordan Combustion Services at (905) 475 9292